French Cuisine by a Japanese chef

Where Japan meets France


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Make A Reservation

We have two dining sessions daily @ 6:00pm to 8:30pm, and 8:30pm to 12:00am.


 Chef - Yasunori Doi       


My Story Began In France

I will tell you about my history.  


By the age of 31, I studied French cuisine professionally and opened my own restaurant.  I have been operating my own restaurant for several years, but I thought that I needed to study cooking in a large organization, so I closed my restaurant and got a job as a head chef at a hotel or wedding company.  

The company was able to learn and learn to provide quality food while communicating with many staff members.  

Meanwhile, my experience at the Michelin Three Pointed Pavilion hotel invited me to work in Singapore.  From breakfast to dinner for stay guests, food menus for banquets and bars, French cuisine reminiscent of Kyoto, menus designed to meet the needs of customers visiting Kyoto for sightseeing and business  , I learned to place importance on the market and value customer satisfaction.  And by gaining the skills and knowledge of French and Japanese cuisine, I was able to have the courage to take on the challenge of cooking overseas.  


Now, I'm back in the kitchen and am standing in the kitchen enjoying how to keep quality by cooking alone, how to respond to requests while talking with customers, what is preferred by customers in Singapore, etc.  .  


I will tell you my dream.  Opening my own restaurant again.  After retiring from the kitchen, I would like to start a consulting business in Japan, where I was involved in food education and taught chefs the thoughts that emphasize marketing.  that's all.